Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watercolor Windows to the World

There's nothing like a Pinterest Challenge to make me set aside my chaotic life and join in the fun!

I've been doing a lot more pinning than practicing so far this year, but when I saw this Pinterest post in January, I immediately got to work.

Side note: if I could follow only one board on Pinterest, it would be Meredith Heard's "Artsy."  It's a perfect blend of DIY and random beautiful things.  Like those Peacock feather shoes?!  I'm in love.
"Watercolor cities" was intriguing, and the website even more so. allows you to create three different unique versions of your favorite cities. It's a gorgeous option for which I might actually spend my hard-earned cash and yet, happy day, it's FREE.  You type in the city name just like any other online mapping service, then you choose from Terrain:
And Watercolor:

All three have great artistic possibilities, but my favorite is definitely the watercolor.  Those who follow my travel blog will understand why I had a difficult time narrowing down my list of favorite cities; while it's free to create a jpeg of the map art, it's not free to get it printed.  I love Phoenix but even in watercolor it just looks like a blob of brown land:
So  I went with Washington, DC:
New York City:
And, of course, Havana:

I didn't need large prints but I didn't want them to be glossy so I had to mail-order them from Walgreens rather than picking them up.  It would have worked perfectly if I'd actually placed the order online...I was so distracted when I was doing this that I never finalized the order and then got grouchy that Walgreen's took forever to ship it.  Fortunately, they sent me an e-mail to see if I wanted to order the photos that were still in my online "cart" - without that reminder, this project might never have been completed.   
The photos are perfect in 5x7 matte finish, and have taken a much-appreciated spot on the growing gallery wall in my travel-themed office.
Check out the gorgeous things other bloggers were inspired to do for the Pinterest Challenge!  Sherry, Katie, Megan and Michelle each have websites with their projects and links to hundreds of others.


  1. The watercolour cities look so pretty! I love this idea, and lucky you getting them in time :)

  2. That's so cool! I love how they turned out! I'm going to try out that site - I just have to decide which cities I want to print!

  3. I just found this via the Pinterest Challenge and am totally enamored. It looks great!

  4. Awesome job Beth! I still want to give that a try - I LOVE the look of those watercolors. They're perfect for your travel-themed office. :)
    Thanks for commenting over at my blog. I'm flattered that you used one of my pins in the Challenge!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont