Saturday, January 19, 2013

All About the Numbers

The problem with my address is that it's not logical.  Without providing the details you're never supposed to put on the internet (and hasn't this week been a bizarre lesson in how deceiving internet relationships can be?!), I can tell you that my address doesn't make sense based on the nearest cross streets.  To make matters worse, my house hasn't ever actually had any address numbers posted.  I'm sure there are emergency concerns like the ability for paramedics to find my house if necessary but my real concern for now is that the pizza delivery guy has a hard time finding my house.  Clearly a situation that needs to be addressed.  (Get it, addressed?)

I started with this idea from Pinterest.  It's cute and it's temporary - no need to drill holes into the brick of my house, which terrified me.  

I never actually got around to painting numbers even though the tutorial made it look pretty easy, because in the process of looking for the number stencils I am sure are somewhere in my craft cabinet, I came across the 2" letter stickers I had left over from my subway art project.  They are really, really sticky so while they may not be as permanent as paint they did at least help.

While the numbers (and yes, I realize there's only one number in these photos...I exercised my not-so-superior photoshop skills to help protect the innocent) are pretty, they're only helpful if you're already standing in front of my house and their usefulness disappears completely at night.  Since pizza is usually delivered after dark, it was time to get serious about the situation.

Dad helped guide me away from the bizarre idea of drilling into the brick wall.  For one thing, numbers tended to just blend into the shadows and textures of the wall.  And for another, I really just didn't want to.  I really like nice address engraved plaques but they're expensive and I never could decide on one even if I wanted to spend that much money.  So instead the target became the white board that runs across the front of the porch.  After months of looking at lovely black numbers sitting on the bench inside my front door, today I finally tackled it with the help of my trusty assistant.

And not to brag about my success, but it turned out perfectly - they're even centered and straight.  Bring on the pizza!


  1. Great idea with the numbered pots, but I think the ones you added to the porch are more practical. Hooray for centered and straight!

    1. Thank you, Sam! Figured I had to get address numbers up before I tackle a successful yard sale like you did. :)