Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Say "I'm Sorry I'm A Terrible Neighbor"

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the world's greatest neighbor. I work all the time and when I finally get home I'm never the one to join in relaxing sidewalk conversations about kids and weather, and though my front yard has improved immensely it's still not as nice as those around me.  This hasn't come just with home ownership, either - though I knew all the names of the dogs in my last apartment complex, I didn't know a single neighbor, and I'll admit that I once read by flashlight when I lived in a duplex so no one would know I was home during a neighborhood party.  But though I tend to hibernate on those rare days and evenings when I get to relax at home, I do think I have really great neighbors and I want to take this time of year to show that I appreciate them even though the grass in the yard isn't always perfectly maintained.
I think it's safe to assume that I'm not the only one searching for low-cost ways to show those around me that I care, so here it is: Beth's Top Ten Neighborhood Gift Ideas.
#1: Map Ornament
My neighborhood is special and everyone who lives here agrees, so I think they'd appreciate something like this that is made of a map of our part of the world. This exact ornament is for sale at the blogger's Etsy shop for $7, but since I want a specific map I think I'd have to tackle my own.
#2: A Cheesy Snack
This is a little on the pricey side because cheese balls aren't cheap - even when you're ambitious enough to make them like this blogger did.  But I love the idea, and it's one of the few pun-oriented gift tags that didn't make me roll my eyes. (Though there are plenty of those to come...)
#3: Cookie Mix in A Jar
Okay I might actually do this one because it seems like it wouldn't take all least, until I realize how hard it is to pour things into a tiny jar without messing up the layers.  But I do have mason jars that I've been saving so perhaps this is a realistic option.
#4: Whisk You A Merry Christmas
I did warn you that the ridiculous puns were on their way...but this one is funny!
#5: Reindeer Root Beer
This one needs no explanation.  That is FUNNY and a great idea for my neighbors with kids.
#6: Personalized Soap
A little work since peeling labels off is never a simple task for me and I'd have to go get Kinko's to print the new labels but these are really pretty and I could make the labels say something specific about Christmas in my neighborhood.
Another twist on the soap idea is this awesome packaging for hand sanitizer:
#7: 24-Carrot Neighbors
I don't think any of my neighbors understand my sense of humor enough to make this work, but I would love it if I were the recipient - it's awesome!
#8: Extra Dough
This one is safe for any sense of humor, I think.
#9: Fishing A Merry Christmas
This is cute - especially for the kid-friendly neighbors...but given my addiction to goldfish I'm not sure they'd ever make it to my neighbor's doorstep.
#10: Tried and True - Cookies
Even I am capable of making cookies so this is all about the packaging, and these are great ideas.
And because everyone in my neighorhood seems to have at least one dog, it might be nice to include cookies for them too.
To top it all off, here are great printable labels to make every simple box look complicated and thoughtful.
Think any of these good intentions will ever actually happen? Yeah, I don't know either...but I'll keep you posted.

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