Monday, December 31, 2012

Shades of Grey

For about 18 months, I've focused on every part of my house except the part that guests don't see.  I wouldn't say that I have totally ignored my bedroom because I did buy nice linens but the fact is, it's a mess and it's always been a mess and it drove me crazy every time I thought about it.  The random moments when I would get motivated meant more than one wall in the room looked like this:
For a type-A gal like me, that incompleted blotchy effect was worse than not having any new paint on the walls at all.  So this weekend I decided to finally do something about it...yes, that's right - I spent hours online.  I was comforted/discouraged to learn that apparently finding a correct shade of grey is a universal difficulty.  (Apparently there's a best-selling book about how one lady had to try 50 shades of the color...?!)  I'd already given up hope that the perfect shade for my living room would also work for the bedroom - that gorgeous Graceful Grey turned a rather disheartening shade of greige in the low-light room.  7th House on the Left's perfect shade was way too dark for the room, as well.  One blogger recommended Behr's "Secret Passage" but when I searched for other success stories most bloggers said they'd tried Secret Passage and instead turned to Behr's "Dolphin Fin."  (Sorry I can't credit these blogger color guides because I forgot to keep the websites open...thanks to the many people who spent time sharing their grey struggles with fellow pilgrims like me!)
Dolphins are one of my favorite animals and since I'd already struck out on the "Porpoise" shade from Disney (too purple...and you thought I was kidding when I said I'd tried every shade of grey available!) I was happy for another shot at including the underwater kingdom's greatest resident.  I think the only way I hadn't discovered this before is that there is no "Dolphin Fin" sample at Home's a secret only those dedicated to pouring over tales of strangers' painting tales can uncover, apparently.  The good news: after a full Saturday of painting and making a big mess, it is perfect. 
Not too light, not too dark. Juuuuust right.  And look how beautiful it makes those baseboards look!  There's still a long way to go for this room to be finished, of course.  The biggest project is the wall behind the bed.  I painted it white with intentions of using that gorgeous stencil I won to add pizzazz to the room, but haven't made up my mind about whether or not it's worth the effort.  Until I decide the wall should look like this:
It will continue to look like this:
It doesn't look bad white but I left the corners unfinished as motivation to finish that wall soon by either stencilling it or painting it to match the rest of the walls.  I think the issue is the mental block I get every time I hear the word "stencil" because it still makes me think of the horrid rosebuds-and-ribbons pastel border I tried to paint around my bedroom when I was a teenager.  I'll have to work through that.
Also still on the list: a full-length mirror.  These IKEA mirrors work - and I still like them, despite the numerous times HGTV show hosts mock them - but I'd like to get something more solid.

 And I definitely need a new light.  Thanks to a birthday gift from my friend Lesli I'm closer to getting a gorgeous new overhead gem from Lowe's, but since lighting options are even more complicated than shades of grey that could take awhile.

With all the splotches on the wall covered in smooth, castle-in-a-cloud kind of grey, it's easy to ignore the undone details.  Cheers for starting 2013 with only three small areas in my house still to be painted!


  1. It looks so great! I know just what you mean about letting those paint blobs get to of these days I will paint my ceilings but for now I choose to focus on the progress I've made :)

    1. I'm impressed the ceilings are even on your list - I decided I can live with the ceiling quirks because my neck hurts every time I think about painting Michaelangelo-style!