Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

My intentions were so good after my last post, and with motivation high I marched to Michael's to get materials necessary for a neighborhood-specific map ornament similar to this one:
The blogger who created that beautiful ornament used a glass ornament but I couldn't find them at Michael's - these cardboard ornaments for 99 cents seemed even more ideal, though, since Mod Podge can get a bit slippery.

I printed off Google maps of my neighborhood, cut the maps into pieces that could be glued onto the balls, and got this mess.

Clearly I forgot that not all maps are equal...these online maps lack color and character, and unfortunately I didn't realize that until my craft looked like a messy, wadded up ball of newspaper.  I'll keep the ornament for myself - it can go along with that sheep ornament that was a happy disaster last year - but the neighbors' gifts will have to turn to another idea.

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