Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Bah Humbug Celebration of December

I love Christmas, I really do.  It's just that I'm not sure I agree with the need to have it every year.  Last year I think I used up a decade's worth of enthusiasm for decorating and crafting...this year, I'm skating by on basics and focusing on time with family rather than month-long festivity.  Basically, I'm going to my sister's house because her tree is gorgeous and my nephew's three-year-old enthusiasm about the holiday is contagious. 
Since I can't just move into my sister's house for all of December, though, I did want some Christmas spirit spread around my own house.  I don't have time or energy for the tree so I got more creative...thanks to Pinterest, of course, who provides ideas like this:
Pin     Website
and this:
I had plenty of ornaments since there was no tree, so I gathered my favorites and dug out a roll of white curling ribbon.
I'm not as ambitious as the blogger who inspired the window decorating idea so I only have a few ornaments...but I love the final product!
It even looks pretty at night, though the lights are more noticeable than the ornaments.
Those lights made the second Pinterest-inspired idea prettier, too: I put the extra lights on the strand, along with extra ornaments, into a vase.  Ridiculously easy!
I have great intentions of creating a masterpiece of a wreath for my front door, but for now this lovely snowflake from Target ($5 - thank you, Target!) brings festivity to the porch.
My yard seems to be feeling more festive than I am - my gorgeous tree in the front yard is bursting into amazing pink buds that are sure to be orchids in time for Christmas.  Photos to come as soon as I can get a photograph that looks like flowers and not just a weird silhouette against the wonderful Phoenix blue sky.


  1. Looks good! I like the ornaments in the window and jar! I put my Christmas decorations out, but just the easy knick knacks I could just throw on a shelf. I still need to decorate the mantle and the tree - the hard stuff that actually takes a little effort. Maybe I'll get it done by Christmas...

    1. Thanks, Sam! I'm jealous of the mantle-decorating ability. I don't have a fireplace but love all the Pinterest-inspired decorating ideas they provide.