Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Settled Stomach

I'm heading off for another travel adventure (if you're not sick of reading about my wanderings or if you've never started reading about them, check out my travel blog) and since I'm too buried in packing, repacking and re-repacking, I haven't made any more progress on the guest room decor.  (Sorry, mom and dad - I hope it's comfortable enough for you to enjoy your stay here!)  I've turned my goals into future tense, however, and am determined to improve my eating habits when I get home from Africa.
I was lucky enough to be raised in a family who ate together regularly over a real table with real, homecooked food...and then I promptly forgot all those skills when I moved out on my own.  As I edge ever further into my thirties I really need to start saving money and focusing on nutrition of course, I turn to Pinterest.  Without further ado, I give you my Year's-esque food goals for October:
Better breakfasts
I have such good intentions about breakfast every single morning when I wake up.  But then I get busy and time flies by and suddenly I am yet again grabbing a yogurt on the way out the door or - gasp! - finding donuts or other non-food options once I get to work.  It's not okay and I know I'd feel much better if I kicked my day off right. 
This claims to have an easier, better way to make hard boiled eggs.  Since apparently boiling water is too difficult for me to do, I'll have to check it out.
Bacon and cheese quiche: yes, yes and yes!
Cheaper Lunches
I typically eat pretty healthy at lunch because I'm often at lunch meetings where I have peer pressure to not eat that burger and fries that I really want, but I spend way too much money on food.  On days when I don't have meetings scheduled at lunch, I'd be just as content with a pb&j at my desk than with running across the street for yet another soggy sandwich that costs $7.  These ideas would mix up my routine a little...and save a lot of money!

Okay so some of them look gross - I don't think I could handle cucumbers on a sandwich.  But most of them?  I'll take two.
I've got to get over my hatred of salads.  Salads with yummy things like apples in them?  Now that I could eat.
I could revolutionize my life just with this website alone!  A shopping list, a downloadable list of lunches and a collection of other bloggers' food victories?  Wow.
Dinners at Home
I hate cooking.  Hate the shopping, hate the cooking, hate the cleaning.  I have to get over that, and these may inspire me:
Telapia!  It comes in a bag, it's frozen and it's cheap.  Perfect.
Fact: I need to stop procrastinating and just buy a grill.
The claim is 500-calorie dinners in 30 minutes.  I'm fixated on the 30 minutes promise...think that includes the time it takes to do dishes?
Better Snacking
I'm a snacker.  It's never going to change, no matter how many times I pledge not to shove food in my mouth right before those 3:00 meetings.  These ideas would help me move away from the potato chips addiction.
You've got to love the subtle labeling on this one...and 100 ideas?  Even a picky eater could find ideas with that many options.
 Okay who wouldn't want to eat healthy with these cute little guys around?
Now I've put my food goals out there into the Weird Online World of People Who Care About Odd Details of Others' Lives so I have to stick to it.  I'll see you in October!


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  2. Just wanted to say how much I love your blog, Beth. It helps make a long interim even better! Safe travels.
    Allison Cook (aka Jo Hawley)

    1. Your comment made my day - I didn't know you read the blog! :)