Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First-Ever IKEA Fail

Armed with my inspiration from the new catalog, I drove to IKEA last night with great intentions of adding new treasures to my house and, in particular, that guest room/office space that's making very slow progress.  And for the first time in my history of spending too much money in the store, IKEA totally failed me last night.  It seems that they weren't prepared for the popularity of their new items...which makes me feel badly for the factories that make the items, because I'm sure they're under pressure to create more folded-up furniture to fill the empty shelves.  It also makes me feel badly for me, however, since I'd driven all the way down there with a plan and only found a few smaller items that were on my list. 

To be fair, some things were in stock and I just chose not to buy them.  This pillow, for example:

I do love it and for $12.99 (including the pillow insert, for which IKEA normally charges $6.99) it's a great deal for an accent pillow.  But as I tried to identify exactly what country that is on the pillow, I realized that I have a lot of burlap I bought at the bulk fabric store and even more great ideas so I put it back on the shelf and decided I'll make my own with a more personalized location on it.

I also avoided those great deals on picture frames...for now.  Since I do have a whole cabinet shelf full of various frames, I convinced myself to get a plan for my gallery wall (or maybe walls?) before I filled a cart with more shapes and sizes of my favorite IKEA frames.  They do have some beautiful new art this year, though, and if I didn't love the Paris art in my living room, I would have brought home the gorgeous new orange-accented photograph of Union Station.  (I neglected to take my camera on my shopping trip, and now I'm mad at myself since it seems I missed the chance to be the first person on earth to post a photograph of that new IKEA art!)

The furniture section was really where the frustration began, since I'd gone to buy two things: that adorable new Raskag cart and The Perfect Paintable Dresser for my guest room.

When your total work commute is four miles a day, the trek to IKEA is significant so I did what all good shoppers do before they tackle rush-hour traffic to go shopping: I checked the online records of what was in stock at the store.  The site said my new household additions were "most likely in stock" so I headed out.  And that's when I discovered that not only were they not in stock, but there was no estimated deliveries for the store at all.

For a moment I got grouchy.  Not with the nice IKEA man because it's not his fault, but I was internally grouchy.  I twirled my empty oddly-shaped little furniture cart and headed for the checkout, anxious just to get out of the store and go home with my few little purchases.  Then two things happened: first, I reminded myself that most people in Cuba are happy just to have toilet paper (that always puts everything in perspective), and second, I ran into this little guy:

I don't want to give away my plans for the guest room dresser because 1) I want the final product to be a surprise and 2) there are countless ways my plans could go wrong and if they do I don't want you to know I failed at my original goal.  But I will say that my plans for the unfinished pine dresser involved a coat of white paint, so this moved me a step closer to the desired outcome.  It was $10 more than the dresser I'd wanted but it had the big advantage of being in the store at exactly the moment I was so onto the cart it went.

Technically, I've taken a step backward by cluttering up my guest room again rather than making progress on cleaning and decorating it...but I've got high hopes for this step of the process!

And besides, I got chicken and waffles at Lo-Lo's on the way home, so the night was a big success in spite of IKEA's supply chain issues. 

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  1. I love that cart - too bad they were out of stock! But I do feel like taking a trip to IKEA now!

    I can't wait to see your plan for the dresser.