Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swedish Summer Dreamin'

It's basically a biannual holiday in my world: the new IKEA catalog is out!

Sometimes the big reveal is disappointing, like when they increased the price of the mirror I wanted by 30%.  This time, however, I loved the new things they added and am preparing my wallet for a trip there soon.

Their linen selection has always been a little disappointing but not this time around - way more selection, and I love almost all of it!

This pillow immediately went on my "to buy" list:

The best new addition: IKEA sells outdoor furniture now!  This chair is pricey but gorgeous:

And this bench/pallet look like the perfect place to try a wall garden.

Of course, not everything could be perfect.  This lamp is $100, and the designer says it looks "a little like a ballet tutu."  Um, yeah just a little.  I'm sure it would be the perfect addition to some room but it won't be in any of mine.

I added some practical things to my list, as well.  These over-the-cabinet hangers aren't new but they are a needed addition to my kitchen.

This cart is going to be an addition to my kitchen, too - what a great way to transport things from the kitchen to serving in the dining room!

The catalog doesn't highlight much of the new art options, which I eagerly await every year.  I've never bought one of those wall-size photos but someday I might.  I've never seen this photo before and it's beautiful.

It reminds me of the bamboo I loved at Hemingway's house in Cuba.

What's your favorite part of the new catalog?  Happy reading!

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