Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mapping out Success

I finally did it!  After trying again and again to get the perfect solution for map art, I finally won the battle and it's better than I'd hoped.

The secret? Accepting size and space limitations.  I tried to find a map that would fit over those three huge canvases I have but it doesn't exist - and map wall murals cost hundreds of dollars so that wasn't an option either.  What made me finally recognize the impossible?  Another visit to Kinko's where I learned that they could enlarge an old, copyright-free map (amazing what scissors can do!) but it would cost $150 (amazing what karma can do when you use scissors inappropriately!).  So I went in search of a legal, inexpensive solution.

In addition, I accepted the fact that the map art is better suited for the guest room/office than for the living room.  When something doesn't work repeatedly it's time to try something new, and though the placement of my Paris art was a temporary solution for the book club gathering, it grew on me and now I can't imagine that space without it.

I bought a reasonably large map (50" x 32") from Amazon and then worked from there.  I love this map - it doesn't use the bright primary colors of cheap maps so it looks more aged, but it only cost $15.

Then out came the canvases - I tried large, medium and small but nothing fit quite right except for this one huge one and three small ones.

A little black paint made the sides look less straight-from-the-crafts-store...

Some very nerve-wracking use of the scissors (in a non-copyright infringing way!) and A LOT of Mod Podge and sticky fingers later, I had my version of the world.  It's certainly not perfect and those wrinkles would drive most people crazy but I like it.  Perhaps I'll regret not smoothing it out more but a) I did try but failed to smooth it and b) I think it adds to the aged, treasure map appearance I sought.

The rest of the room is still a disaster around the map and I've begun a never-ending search for The Perfect Dresser, but at least the map art is finally in the room where it belongs!  And now I have more inspiration to get to serious work on that room.  I can't wait to add pins to show the few places I've been.

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