Sunday, August 26, 2012

Follow Me!

I had great dreams of super-human progress on my guest room decorating today, but was sidelined by the worst headache I've had in ages.  It hurt just to move, so I turned to less a less noteworthy but important task: joining the world of Facebook.

People don't believe me, but I'm an introvert.  Facebook sounds like the end of the world to me: a place where everyone who has ever met me can call themselves my friend, and exert social pressure and guilt to convince me to allow them to track my every thought and action.  And then I realized...I have a blog.  That can be seen by anyone, whether or not they've ever met me and whether or not I'd like them if I did meet them.  Compared to that realization, Facebook seemed like a cinch.

And it was, until I had to find a way to tell those who read my blog that they can now find me on Facebook.  Everyone makes it looks so easy...including my personal favorite, those little Social Circles on The Junk House:

I turned to Google to tell me how to create my own, and the first website I discovered told me excruciating, step-by-step detail that involved opening and amending the HTML code of my blog design.  Gulp.

I gave up before I could totally ruin the entire site design...and that's when I found this oh-so-simple tutorial from Her New Leaf.  Life.Saver.

And as if the easy approach to HTML codes was not enough, the blog also directed me to these awesome color circles from Noisette Academy:

It was love at first sight - especially since I picked tangerine as my living room accent color even before They decided it was the color of the year.  It might be the one time in my entire life when I was ahead of any kind of fashion.
So thanks to blogging experts everywhere, I am now proud to say...I hope you'll follow me on Facebook!  Just click that pretty tangerine Facebook circle at the top of the website.  (Please note that there is still no Twitter circle there - I'm not that social yet.)  Or you can go directly to Facebook.


  1. Hey! That's me!

    Anyway, Welcome to Facebook! I just liked you as The Junk House! Oh, and I'm totally with you on the whole Twitter thing. I refuse to join!