Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buddies, Bruschetta, and A Burial

Last night was The Big Game.  Most people in Arizona didn't even play in it, much less stay up to watch it, but I'm blessed to have friends who share my on-the-edge-of-your-seat impatience to vote and analyze every statistic we can find about the election results as they come in.  Events like this make me a little sappy, because I'm so blessed to have found people who share my pride in being a nerd. 
As with all big game nights, pizza saved the day.  I did get slightly adventurous, however, and pulled off a mini Pinterest challenge: goat cheese and tomato bruschetta.
I've developed a minor addiction to both smoked gouda and goat cheese...a habit that gets expensive when I shop at Safeway, but is much more affordable if I can work up the energy to brave Costco.  In 20 minutes and for less than $6, I made a huge tray of these delicious snacks!

The tomatoes were a part of the ridiculous amount of food I brought home last weekend from my food co-op, Bountiful Baskets.  I only buy a basket about once a month because I hate wasting food, but it's the most amazing value for fruits and veggies I've found, and it's fun to not know what I'll get every month.  Some of it require cooking, like the fresh kale I got in my basket Saturday...other items just need to be washed and displayed like these gorgeous cherries:

I bet you had no idea how I'd tie in the burial reference, did you?  This morning when I emerged in a sleep-deprived state to water my plants, I discovered a dove that had died behind one of the sage bushes.  I felt a totally unfounded and unreasonable sense of flattery that the bird had chosen my yard as his final resting place so I got out the shovel and gave him a proper burial in the backyard.  It's depressing and irrelevant to this post, of course, but it's part of the unexpectedness of being a homeowner that I want to remember when I look back on these summaries after I'm old and settled...though something tells me even then the house will still be in some sort of transition between wall colors or furniture arrangements.  It was odd timing, too, since it's been a year since my cat left me.
So maybe it does all tie together in some poetic reference to the passing of time and the futility of worrying about election results.  What matters is the company and experiences that surround those events...and the bruschetta, of course.

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