Friday, July 13, 2012

Those Things Are Good for Something, After All

It started out as a simple upgrade.  The green stretchy plastic around the trunk of the gorgeous tree planted in my front yard were getting too tight as the tree grew:

So I gratefully accepted new green plastic from dad and began the supposed-to-be-easy project of tying new connections to the pole in the ground.  It went really well:

Until a bizarre storm hit in the middle of the night on Wednesday.  I'm all in favor of rain - it makes me feel like a dandelion that's been trampled and suddenly has inspiration and energy to dance in the sunlight again.  But this was wind.  Lots and lots of wind.  I've never liked wind but home ownership has deepended my loathing of it.  It creates messes everywhere.  My tree would probably agree with me, since when I woke up yesterday it looked like this:

I shed actual tears, then got to work.  The tree had slipped off the wooden stand next to it, so I got out the large tree stakes I got from a neighbor months ago and put them to work...I even reused the wired plastic and pipe contraption from the neighbor's old tree, so it had the chance of looking like it was supposed to.

Then I read this article, which seems to think that blowing around is good for a tree's stability and leftover pipe contraptions are not.  I'm not a fan of this new tree look but I'm willing to give it a try so the poor tree gets strong enough no not go through this danger every time the wind goes crazy.  So I took their advice and tused the one thing I could find that was sturdy but flexible: my archnemesis, pantyhose.

Seriously, it worked.  Cutting them up seemed much more satisfying than wearing them, so I agreed.  And so far (fingers crossed) it has worked out well.  The tree moves a lot more than it did when it was tied tightly to the old post, but those ties were so tight it left marks on the we'll trust the experts (at least temporarily) and hope the movement of the tree really is good for its growth. Phoenix friends, feel free to laugh when you drive by my front yard.

And can I just take a moment to brag about how awesome this tree is?  When it was planted in March it looked like this:

And now it's this gorgeous, leafy friend in my yard. 

It makes me want to do this:

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  1. LOL The tree hugger addition was a nice touch. Glad your gorgeous tree survived our horrible tornado level storm.