Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still Searching for an Easy Painting Project

Since it's officially summer, this weekend I decided to delve into my self-proclaimed "summer project" by painting the guest room/office.  Since the walls in here don't have a lot of windows or other interruptions, I figured I'd get out the paint roller and have the project wrapped up in time to relax on Saturday evening.  That, however, was before I discovered the mess behind that "little" crack under the window.

As soon as I introduced it to sandpaper, the wall began crumbling under my hand.  It would have been an awesome Hulk-like moment except for the sinking feeling in my stomach, as well...so much for my simple one-day painting project.  I have no idea how the former homeowners created this...the paint peeled off in sheets as if it was wallpaper, which it definitely wasn't - maybe they painted when the plaster was still wet?  That plaster was a whole different problem - it had separated from the underlying layer (which was the plaster original to the house) and just chipped off as soon as I touched it.  Long story short, within about ten minutes I had this mess:

I tried to convince myself that this aged look works great in Tuscany!

Thank God for This Old House (they should print bumper stickers with that slogan).  Before I allowed myself to dream up the need to call a contractor, their instructions on repairing plaster calmed me down.

So I began the task of rebuilding.

I'd learned to love joint compound when I had to fix the wall in the dining room - before that, I would have thought that "joint compound" was in the same aisle as Metamucil - but this was a massively different scale.  It was actually a little fun.  I felt like Picasso, using a plastic spatula to slop up massive amounts of good then smooth it out into something beautiful slightly resembling a wall. 

Then came the drying time.  After a full day of work on Saturday, my "quick" project looked like this:

And the rest of my house looked like this:

Good times.

Sunday I tackled more joint compound and spackle - I never knew how thrilling it could be to use primer, but after more than 24 hours of waiting for my new wall to dry it was pretty exciting to use a paintbrush.

And then  lastnight I finally got to get out my paint!  I still need to touch up some of the trim but this room now is somewhat breathtaking, if I do say so myself.

It's not this green but thanks to a wonderful, very welcome day of clouds the lighting is odd today.

It is Valspar's Carolina Inn Club Aqua - it's the one time I have shamelessly stolen an idea from a blog (most of the time I just not-so-subtly adapt them!).  I fell in love with this color in a room on YoungHouseLove.com and knew it was perfect for this office/guest room space. 

Still to come: art and decor!

I'm sharing this with Thrifty Decor Chick's "July Before and After Party," though I think this is more of a "before and during" project.


  1. Oh wow! What a mess... :(
    At least you know it was done right this time! I love the color by the way. It's bright and cheery in a subtle way.

  2. That's a bummer about the walls! But it looks great now that it's fixed and painted. I still need to paint my craft room (my summer project), so you're doing better than me! Oh, and I love YHL and would shamelessly copy everything they do if I could!