Monday, July 9, 2012

Snap Back to Reality

I hope your Fourth of July was enjoyable!  I love this holiday - partly because it's always been my sister's favorite day but also because I work in politics.  Any day to set aside bickering and celebrate our country's past, present and future is more than welcome.  We stretched out the holiday, enjoying a few days of relaxation at my parents' house.  Ate too much, slept enough (finally!) and caught up on reading that has been sitting on the bookshelf for weeks. 

Now it's time to delve back into an average, really really hot week.  But first, a few photos from my fun days.


  1. Sigh...wasn't it wonderful? Thank you for special time together!

  2. I love the car photo that I didn't know was happening :) Thanks for catching such wonderful moments on your amazing camera....I'll have to see how mine turned out so we can flip the views and have some of you!

    Cheers to the most amazing 4th yet (X actually stayed awake?!?!) and here's to many more!