Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Bringin' HomeMint Back

I'm endlessly impressed by the chameleon-like ability of some people to remake themselves to be relevant in many genres...and to make a ridiculous amount of money doing it.  No one personifies this more than Justin Timberlake, who has moved into the home goods design world after (and during) a whirlwind takeover of the music, dating and Hollywood scene.  (He probably wouldn't say it was "whirlwind" but this is my blog and I get to summarize it how I want.)

Anyway, as you know I am a sucker for design quizzes and JT's new home interior line, HomeMint, has one with pictures (bonus points!). 

They did a great job correctly summarizing my tastes: I like most of the recommended products.  They just grossly overestimated my willingness to spend on those items.

This leather-wrapped photo album reminds me of something dad would have made in his hippie days!

I might actually splurge on one of these passport covers since I get to do more traveling this year - and they have luggage tags to match!

I'm pretty picky about accent pillows but love these recommended ones...

But they lost me on the linen addition to costing way too much, can you imagine how wrinkled it would always be?

Click here to find your own recommended products...or just to enjoy the pictures in the quiz.

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