Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hem and Haw

After my sewing success last week, I felt ready to tackle the oft-postponed task of hemming.  I have a huge bin of clothing that is simply labeled "tailoring," and I've ignored it for years.  "Tailoring," in the context of that bin, means anything from simply fixing a button to completely remaking the garment to be either three sizes larger or smaller - that bin is my version of a magic box so all my garment dreams (no matter how impossible) go in there.  I decided to start with the simple stuff...I made a pile of everything that needed to be hemmed because it's too long.  Then I wept over the number of items in that category.  I'm short...the pile wasn't. 

Since I have only a week until I leave on vacation, I narrowed the to-be-hemmed pile down to the items that are 1)loose, 2)washable, and 3)not in need of other alterations.  I somehow convinced my sister to drive across town to get a double needle (thank you, Anna!) and I was ready to go.

I did some impressive crafty ad-libbing on this one.  While my machine welcomes double needles, it does not have two places for the two spools of thread necessary to feed into my magic needle.  So I threaded an extra bobbin and used the bobbin holder as the other source for thread.

I tested the needle on scrap fabric, and was thrilled - no need to try to get two seams perfectly parallel!  I made a note to myself to be sure to sew with the right side of the fabric up, since the back of the double-needle seam is rather sloppy.  And then, of course, I promptly forget and hemmed with the inside of the fabric up.  No bueno.  Good thing I bought that seam ripper "just in case."

Seams ripped and technique corrected, voila! I had a superbly perfect new hem.

Pretty impressive, since it looks very similar to this factory-perfected original seam.

I must confess that in my determination to get through the pile of need-to-be-renovated hems, I completely forgot to take any "after" photos that don't involve a ridiculously close-up shot.  I am not yet through the pile, however, so I'll be sure to more completely document my Sewing Basic Awesomeness soon.

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  1. A stitch ripper is my best friend when I'm sewing! You did a great job on that hem! It looks professional!

    I'm too scared to alter any of my nice clothes, so I usually take them in. In fact, I have 2 pairs of jeans in alterations as we speak.