Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floor Decor Failure

There's one thing I never miss about my apartment: the carpet.  My tile floors get dusty and I'd love to have someone else come use my beloved Swiffer every day, but at least I don't have to deal with carpet.

I haven't gotten serious about rugs, though it's on my list as a sort of finishing touch to every room.  I eye them at IKEA every time I visit, and I've become a regular ogler (yes, it's a word - I checked!) at West Elm's website....but no serious commitment has occurred. 

But the living room is edging ever closer to decor completion, so I thought it was worth a test run.  A test run that involved carrying a 9-foot rug through a crowded store.  And across a busy parking lot.  And cramming it into my trusty lil' car.  Yes, it was that sort of a test run.  The only casualty was an entire display of sunglasses - I'll be forever grateful to the Ross employee who kindly told me to feel free to leave the store with my rug burden while she cleaned up the scattered glasses.

The rug is lovely and it cost $69.99 for a 7.5' x 9' space so you really can't beat that...but it doesn't work in the living room at all.  While the coral color blends with my accent tangerine, the rest of the colors are just too dark and way too busy - my living room immediately looked like a Sesame Street show about shapes (circles on the wall, circles on the chair, squares and rectangles on the rug and in the air...shapes make Elmo happy!)

The rug got a chance in the dining room, too, but that was an even worse match.  Now comes the fun job of returning the poor thing to the store where it can find a good home.  Someone had better lock down the sunglasses case.

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  1. Too bad the rug didn't work out because that's a great price! But you're right, it's way too busy and dark. I need to buy rugs for my house, but not until the puppies are older!