Monday, July 16, 2012

Building A TeePee in My Front Yard

One of my favorite Family History Facts is that my parents lived in a teepee.  It was before I was born but somehow I always get cool points just for telling people that fact.  And now it looks like I'm following in their footsteps.

The Great Pantyhose Solution of 2012 was not a complete fix to the falling tree situation.  Another two days of wind and rainstorms (yay!!!) and the soft ground had allowed the support post to shift into a parallel line with the tipsy tree...not good.  I did not get a photo of this precarious situation because 1) It was raining, and 2) I was thinking as an annoyed homeowner and not as an optimistic blogger.

First I dug a deeper hole for the support pole, but the dirt was still wet (Did I mention it was raining?  In Arizona, we get excited about these things.) so it wasn't sturdy enough to hold the tree's weight yet.  I tried reinserting the small post that had been tied to it since it was installed, thinking it would help be a guide until the stronger pole was more secure, but it was impossible to get the wood deep enough so close to the roots of the tree.

So it became TeePee Time.  I got a third pole (yes, I have a whole supply in the backyard - I got them for free, and am convinced that someday they'll be the perfect ingredient for an truly amazing DIY project of some kind) and the shovel and began again.  In the rain.  I did not have very flattering things to say about the nursery that installed this gorgeous creation only four months ago - shouldn't they have installed this support system instead of one post that would just cause the tree trunk to grow too thin?  I think so, but that didn't fix my current predicament.

The third post went in perfectly, the pantyhose were adjusted accordingly, and I declared victory on round two of the Tipsy Tree Challenge.  For now.

On a more positive note, remember when I planted the Cape Honeysuckle in February?

It's not flowering at the moment but it's doubled in size.  (If you're my real friend, you'll ignore the pathetic state of the grass around it!)


  1. Hello dear Beth ol' friend of mine. I'm just stopping by to let you know that I do indeed read (and enjoy might I add) your blog. Thank you for helping me feel like I'm still somewhat connected to what's going on in your neck of the woods - even if it is from an online stalker perspective. I'd really enjoy visiting next time I'm in town. Love ya buddy!