Friday, July 20, 2012

A Place for Pots

I have an undeniable addiction to flower pots.  I seem to collect them whether I'm at Goodwill or Target...and just about everywhere in between.  I'm not at all inspired to plant things this time of year, however - putting beautiful green things in the Phoenix sun might count as cruel and unusual punishment - so the pots have just piled up all over the yard.  This stash was especially problematic, since a spider had decorated the whole corner with one of those web-everwhere kind of looks.

Good news: I got the pots moved and the corner cleaned up.  Bad news: I met the owner.  Good thing he's as antisocial as I am.

I created a temporary but helpful potting shelf outside the garage with an old bookshelf.  Now there's one designated place for the empty pots and that blue bin of potting soil.

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