Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

As you know, my chance to host my book club has served as inspiration for tackling all sorts of projects I might otherwise never have finished.  Because of the looming excitement/threat of actual humans seeing my home (instead of the bits of my home I choose to share on this blog!), I tackled baseboards, bookshelves, touch-up paint, art, and - worst of all - cleaning!

Most impressively, however, playing hostess actually inspired me to COOK.  As in, pots and pans and real dishes.  I even turned on the oven.  THREE TIMES.  (That likely shows my inefficiency rather than my skills but just go with it.)  I took photos to prove I really did make things, since those who know me best probably wouldn't believe it without evidence.

The book we read was A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, by Michael Dorris.

I mention this not because I suggest you read it (I wasn't a fan) but because the title allowed me to tackle a truly inspired food theme.  Since all my dishes are blue, I sent in search of yellow foods.  I avoided the ones that fail the work time/eating time ratio (deviled eggs) and skipped the ones that required another oven round (cornbread muffins) but still ended up with a fun menu:

Mango salsa with blue corn tortilla chips

Yellow bell pepper dip holders (on blue plates, of course!)

Lemon bars (with blue "rivers" of gel frosting)

I threw in shishkebob-style meat on skewers since man cannot live on bell peppers alone.  And for good measure, I made braided bread (braids play a symbolic role in the book, for those who can stick with it until the end of the depressing story).

It was really, really fun to have people over and I hope to do it again soon...I still have that cornbread muffin mix, after all! 

And for those who are dedicated enough to wonder what I did with the bare wall behind the couch after the map art fail, fear not: dad came through with an outstanding suggestion.  I moved the big Paris art from the guest room!  I kind of like it least until I get to implement the great suggestions my friends have sent my way for reviving the maps.


  1. What an eye-pleasing feast! And the little cards calligraphed to identify each dish are very nicely done! (is calligraphed really a word?) The braided bread is delicious (from personal experience), although it's better with butter..which is also yellow. Love you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Everything looks yummy! If I could, I would live off dip, so I'm drooling over your dips in bell peppers.

    I think the Paris art looks good in that spot!