Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Now Return to Your Previously-Scheduled Programming

When I bought my house, my biggest fear was that being a homeowner would interfere with my ability to travel.  While I've come to accept that I have neither the temperament nor the funds for the truly nomadic lifestyle I used to think I wanted, I really do value every opportunity to experience different places and seek new adventures.  Though it seems I put every spare penny into making my house a home, I do work hard to stash away a little in the "escape fund" so I don't lose sight of that little part of me that wants to hop on an airplane with little to no advance notice.

Travel writing was how I was introduced to blogging - I first started openly pouring my heart out to random strangers online during my solo trip to Italy in 2010.  Since then, however, all my time and effort has been centered on this wonderful place I call home.

In an unpredicted but very welcome turn of events, it's time to get the travel blog up and running again.  Nothing will replace the joys of house projects, failures, and victories...but for days like today when all I want to talk about or dream of is past, present and future travel adventures, I'll turn to my alter ego of the blogging world. 

I kicked off my first "grand re-opening" travel blog post with a trip here to join me.

(Another bonus of travel: it gives me more inspiration and material for that travel-themed guest room/office I'm still determined to get done this summer!)


  1. you had me at the west wing picture. Make sure on your travels that you actually know where greenland is.

  2. Yay! I agree with Abe. That was one of my favorite West Wing episodes. :)