Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Turning Entertainment Upside Down

Once I finished organizing my bookshelves, my TV stand looked even worse by comparison.  It's a great shelf (which I can't find on the IKEA website anymore!) that holds a lot of things in a small space...but since I moved it it had gotten cluttered and never quite looked "settled." 

Clutter always bugs me a little but in this location it was really annoying because this is what I would look at in those rare occasions when I actually sit on the couch to relax and read or watch a movie.  (And, of course, when I sit on the couch to stare adoringly at those new baseboards...)  So I got to work.

Step one: empty the shelves. It's amazing how much mess one empty shelf can make!  I should have taken a picture of the pile but am glad I didn't - it was a mess.

Step two: flip over the shelf.  The variety in shelf shapes and sizes makes it useful for holding all sorts of things, but it ended up flipped over when I moved in.  There's no "right" way to put it but the taller shelves on the top made it too easy to see all the wires and cords that inevitably accompany an entertainment center.  So I flipped it over.

Not that anyone would look at the cords, with our fun picture in front...

Step three: Clutter it up again.  There's still a lot of stuff on this shelf but it's much more organized.  (No, seriously, it is!)  The boxes are holding more movies and photos, and the smaller shelves gave me a space to put the nice-but-breakable tangerine accent pieces that had not found the right home before now.  Those magazine holders on the bottom had ended up stashed in various locations around the house - I'm hoping that keeping them all in one spot will mean the magazines actually stay organized (fingers crossed).

I still am searching for the perfect decorating solution on the top of the shelf.  I can't find shelves narrow enough to place alongside the TV to turn it into more of an entertainment center look.  I don't want to put too many things up there to make it cluttered again, but it looks a little bare as it is. ..the project will continue.  Isn't this artwork great, though?  It has the added benefit of being meaningful: I received it as a gift from the first interview I did - I got to write about a local artist who does this amazing engraved metal art.


  1. It looks so much better now. Definitely less cluttered. I love that tangerine coral-ish looking vase!

  2. Thank you! That was a Ross treasure that makes me happy every time I look at it.

  3. Have you thought about stacking your movies in a storage basket? I have the same entertainment center. In the slot where you have all of your movies I placed a large storage basket. It helped make mine a lot less cluttered. Just a thought!

    1. That's a really good idea - I like my movies, but no matter how I arrange them they look cluttered. Plus, I love ANY reason for a trip to IKEA!