Friday, June 22, 2012

This Old House: July Edition

This month's This Old House didn't do anything to eliminate the guilt associated with not accomplishing any big house projects in a couple of weeks...the whole thing is a celebration of the amazing DIY projects of the magazine's readers.  Bah humbug.  Still, there were some amazing successes so I will choose to be inspired rather than begrudging!

Check out this amazing fountain - I'm in love with it even though it doesn't really go with my home style.

The rest of her yard is just ridiculously amazing, too - check it out here.

These geniuses created the greatest cork backplash I've ever seen by slicing the corks. I've always thought the whole cork backsplashes would get dusty, but this...this is brilliant.

And as if those projects weren't enough to make me want to jump off the couch in a fit of DIY inspiration, check this out: this family turned the most disgusting house I've ever seen into their dream home.  It's amazing - I love my house, but they have vision and devotion that I can't even imagine.  It's total insanity, really, but it turned this:

Into this:

Click here for more pictures.

And on a different topic, in the "things I absolutely must have" category, there are three pages of old-fashioned doorbells!  I love all of them, though most are too wide for the tiny space by my front door.  I'm thinking this one might join my entryway soon:

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