Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Challenge

I keep adding to my blog obsessions/inspirations (check them out on the right side of my blog, if you haven't already - there's great variety in there!), and the lastest addition is a fellow heat-enduring Arizonan over at The Junk House.  Sam introduced me to a great before and after "party," and I can't wait to join up with my own challenge so I can turn it into something great to share at the end of the summer.

My guest room/office continues to be the catch-all room for clutter and chaos, but thanks to The Great Baseboard Project it got much, much worse.

It's not always quite that bad, of course...when things aren't shoved to the center of the room it can be a nice place to sit.

But the fact still remains that this room needs to get beautified.  The walls need work.  They have big cracks...

And remnants of sticky squares that held an ill-fated earlier project to the wall (but not for long, obviously).

So by the time the summer is over, I plan to be able to show ShineYourLight's before and after party that I turned this mess...

...into a travel-themed masterpiece.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you are linking up to the before and after party too. It definitely keeps me motivated! I can't wait to see how your guest room/office turns out! Now that I think about it, I need to work on my office too...

    1. Thank you for helping me find the party! I'm terrible about procrastinating so it's always helpful to tell the Internet World that I'll do something so I can't keep ignoring it. :)

  2. Oooh can't wait to see the after Beth! Thanks for linking this project up to the Summer B&A party! Good luck with pulling it all together into a travel-themed masterpiece!

    1. Thank you for hosting the party, Lisa! It's such a great idea.