Friday, June 29, 2012

Quieting the Librarian

It's been awhile since I came across a decorating quiz, but this one is fun (even for you, dad - no questions about girls' nights out or handbags!).  Better Homes and Gardens helps us answer the question: "What's your organization personality?"

There aren't many questions and they're fun...though I am always stumped by the ones that ask what others would say about you.

They didn't offer the "obsessed and likely to blog about things" option so I just picked "detail oriented" instead.

And then I got a rather unflattering summary:

"The librarian?!" I ask.  Surely that's a little harsh given the fact that I did not even pick the most organized option on the majority of the questions.  But then I read through the recommendations and ideas provided for librarian types, which included this movie storage for alphabetizing DVDs. 

Friends, at the top of my weekend to-do list is this: "alphabetize movies."


So there you have it, I'm the organized librarian who occasionally gets creative with book categorizing.  Guess I'll have to embrace the inner librarian, though if you could see the disorganized state of my house right now you'd think the librarian had been locked in an alphabetized movie box somewhere.

Click here to take the test for yourself - which organizing personality are you?


  1. Sigh...I am "the collector." Easily side-tracked and striving to enjoy life~ isn't that ironic? "Striving" and "enjoy" don't go together! And I thought Dad was the collector- oh well. Quite a few of the questions didn't really have relevance to my life though, so I'm using that excuse. I would rather be the librarian.

  2. The lesson you and I have learned through this? We take after Dad! ;)