Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Fitting Tribute

My obsession with beautiful things has increased with homeownership.  It's fed by hours with Pinterest, nature, other people's great interior decorating, unusual flowers in a front is everywhere.  But when I really needed a comfort setting, for much of my life I have turned to Nora Ephron films.  I like many of them - I would argue Julie & Julia is one of the greatest biographical stories I've ever seen - but the favorite is without a doubt You've Got Mail.  It's the video version of chicken soup for my soul...and yes, I use "video" appropriately, since I still watch it on my VHS that is somehow intact after countless viewings.

So imagine my sadness when I learned that the creative, wonderful woman who made my favorite movie people come to life had moved on from her own life due to a fight with leukemia.  I'm will miss her though I never met her.

Julia over at Hooked on Houses did the best tribute I could imagine: a view of homes from Nora Ephron films.  The shots of Meg Ryan's house on You've Got Mail are wonderful...check them out here if you'd like to join me in a moment of gratitude for the great Nora Ephron.

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