Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Viewfinder

My cute green Canon Exilim has been a loyal companion since my parents bought her for me years ago. She's survived countless falls from my careless fingers, multiple vacations shoved in small travel bags, and she helped me share my house adventures that included two years of house-hunting as well as the home improvement challenges I've shared with you on this blog. But she's tired and she deserves to rest for awhile...and I deserve to get high-quality pictures of moments, successes and experiences that matter to me. It was this photo of my friend's law school graduation that convinced me a technological investment was necessary - it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a good shot.

So I did what I do best when I want to procrastinate on making a decision: I researched. Every time I searched "best travel camera," this Sony was at the top of the results.

I didn't have a very complicated list of things I wanted because I don't know enough to create a complicated list. I wanted a few things:
  • A camera small enough to travel with, and small enough to avoid making it a target for thieves;
  • A camera with zoom capabilities strong enough to let me see details;
  • A camera that showed detail - after I dropped my Canon a couple of times, things began to come out fuzzy;
  • A price no more than $300 (the amount I expect to get as a refund of retirement contribution glitch at work).
The Sony fit all of them except the last one...I couldn't find it any cheaper than $330, plus shipping.  I discovered an "open box" item at my local Best Buy, however, and scored a victory thanks to the persistence of a great employee.  I got the camera for $280 simply because it had been opened.  Still a lot more than I've ever paid for a camera, but worth it given how much I will use it.  I've already captured some treasures as I learn to use it...this is my favorite:

These comparisons proved I made a good upgrade (hopefully it's obvious, but photos from the new camera are on the right):

And I got to prove that the investment was worth it when I got this shot of another graduation last weekend.  I was finally able to successfully capture one of those moments when life is so good your throat actually swells with gratitude and joy.

Even more impressive when you consider that I was sitting back here:


  1. Best.Blog.Ever.

    Capturing the simple moments of the joy from a water hose, to the heart swelling out of your chest with pride moment of a lifetime best friend conquering a're making our photographer uncle very proud with this one!!

  2. Ooh very nice! I can't wait to see more pictures with it.

  3. Awesome! Great picture of the graduate, not that I'm at all biased! I have had my sony cybershot for 8 years I believe and I still love it. Although my zoom is not nearly as good as yours.