Friday, May 11, 2012

More Inspiring Than Pinterest

My dad is one of those people who rarely relaxes. His ability to envision things, and then not rest until they're accomplished, is both intimidating and wildly inspiring...and, since I am lucky enough to be in his life, it's also directly beneficial. In honor of him, and because I haven't created anything yet this week to share with you, I'm sharing the brilliant ideas I got from a too-short visit yesterday. First there was the makeshift greenhouse that I think is both ingenious and very adorable. This old window protects seedlings while they're "hatched":

Then they move to a sheltered area of the garage until dad gets time to plant them:

And then they go into one of the two amazing raised garden beds he built himself:

The new season of crops is still getting started, but their winter food from the garden was amazing. The plants are watered largely through a DIY grey water system that reuses water from the sink and washing machine - they live in a town that has pretty notable water supply limitations, so I think this is a very impressive way to use - and reuse - resources. Soon they'll have peas, beans, asparagus, lettuce, raspberries and who knows what else growing in their own backyard. "Jealous" doesn't even begin to summarize my feelings on the issue.

The raised beds look simple now that they're created, but since I still haven't managed to figure out how to make my own I don't think it's as easy as it looks.

Another one of my favorite Dad Projects: this amazing water/pond feature, also utilizing water from the kitchen sink:

And look at this garage - it looks like something I'd see online and think "no one's garage actually looks like that." It has a whole wall of pegboard, and every inch is used effficiently. That's a lot of stuff in a small space, but it's easy to find everything and - unlike my own garage - nothing ever seems to creep away from its place to take over the garage or to block my car from entering without great trepidation.

Of course, my amazing dad is also a great cook...I love every minute I get to spend with him and his sidekick (i.e., mom). Love you guys!

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