Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Sweet Color Distraction

Don't judge me - I worked hard all day, I promise, except for a tiny little distraction I wanted to share so I'm not the only one taking a break from the long list of work to be done. Better Homes and Gardens has a very fun color quiz...this isn't just another decorating quiz, this is a quiz that talks about books and food.  Yes, please.

Check it out for yourself here.  What color did you get?  I'm "honey."  Waitresses always seem to call me that - now I'll stop being annoyed by it and just admire their ability to predict my personality color.  (Nope, I'll still be annoyed by it.)



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  2. Spice- fun questions!

  3. I'm 'colorful gray'. Now...I love gray....but how did YOU get a more bold color selection than I did? I'm now over-analyzing my answers to each question, hoping to find the clues...