Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Very Bare Necessities

I was inspired by my closet organization, so I decided the next day-at-a-time project would be to make this pantry somewhat usable.  It started out as a catch-all area and ended up as the place food goes to spoil in forgotten darkness.
The pantry is a tall cabinet, with those used-to-be-organized IKEA bins used for recycling.

I found lots of organizing ideas on Pinterest, like this one:

But based on past experiences, I know with absolute certainty that the can I wanted would always be the hardest to get, so I'd be pulling all the cans out every time I needed one. And I really want to get to this point:

But that's going to have to wait until that uncertain point in the future when I have free time. For now, I started as all good DIYers do: a can of paint! I'd painted part of the pantry/storage areas months ago but never finished - now they all match the kitchen wall. Then I very simply just threw things away. Amazing what I found...three jugs of maple syrup, two of which expired a year ago and none of which I have actually used.

As you can see, all my pots and pans migrated to the second shelf...I threw away enough things to fit the food on one shelf! Moving the pans closer to eye level meant I won't have to search for the right one in the bottom shelf know, those two times a year when I actually cook. THAT, in turn, opened up space for me to organize the toaster/blender collection in another cabinet:

I was on a roll now. As the grand finale, I turned this mess of various cold and allergy medications (few of which actually work, by the way)into this nice, know-where-things-are cabinet.

I don't know what caused this spring cleaning frenzy but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. And at some point in the near future, I'm going to get rid of those weird circles on the floor of the recycling area. They're remnants from more than 60 years of sticky cabinet coverings, I think...but they'll look nice and new when they're bright, shiny white. And the ugly circles make this a candidate for Hating Martha's "Stinky Linky Party."


  1. That must feel great! I shared this on my Facebook page...hard work needs to be bragged about! Thanks for linking at the Stinky Linky!

    1. Thank you for sharing it, Janel!

  2. Loving your blog Beth! I know what you mean about throwing out year-old sad huh? But, we're trying to simplify and organize over here too, so this post is especially inspiring. Keep it up!

    1. A compliment from YOU totally made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.