Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Blogger: Hating Martha

I'm very excited to have my first ever guest blogger! I read a handful of blogs every day to keep myself motivated (or to just feel awful about how perfect others' homes are), and Hating Martha is one of my all-time favorites. (After all, who hasn't had moments where you can totally agree with that blog name?!) Janel is entertaining and inspiring...and she provides me with great therapy sessions called "Stinky Linky" parties. For those who don't speak blogese, that means that every week she gives us less-than-perfect bloggers the chance to share sob stories about projects that went horribly wrong. Seriously, it's good stuff...check out this one, where she featured my own failure.

I get the chance to write a post for her blog next month, but wanted to give you a head start on seeing how awesome she is.

Hi All!
Janel here!

I blog over at Hating Martha...

My blog is crafting, DIY, recipes...
whatever my little heart desires.
With fun and laughter thrown in for good measure.
Stop by sometime and say hi!
I serve some great virtual tea!!

I am so glad to hang out here with Beth
and share with you a quick little revamp
I did recently as part of
my Master Bedroom redo
(which has been going for 3 joke, ugh!)...

I came across this laundry hamper
for a lovely price of $8.00.

I added some stripes in a funky color
with spray paint.

(yes, they are a little lopsided...just lean)

A red faucet handle for the lid handle...

I don't really know what the fabric liners are for.
I don't like them.
So, I hotglued on a fake one...

Laundry spelled out with Scrabble letters
adds some more fun to the outside...

I think it is $8.00 well spent!

This makes a great addition to the Master Bedroom Redo closer to being done!
Pinky promise!

Other projects for the Master Redo...

Fabric Wall
Jewelry Carousel
Hair Tool Organizer
Til Next Time!


  1. Love it...a not so boring hamper...who doesn't need one of these?

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. Stopping by from Janel's FB page - this is awesome! Janel has some wicked awesome projects for sure!

  3. I LOVE this idea!! I'm always desperately in need of more hampers, but never can stomach getting a boring one. I may make ones that are themed, such as 'softball' (too many of my work clothes have been ruined by red ballpark dirt!!) and 'linens'.

    Plus ANYTHING is cooler with scrabble letters!! I always see boards at Goodwill, this would put letters to perfect use!

  4. Thanks for stopping by from Janel's FB page!