Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flower Power

After a very busy spring and in the transition of an already-looming summer, my front yard had lost a little of its floral-induced charm. The Italian pots I bought on Craigslist almost a year ago had never held flowers...

Poor Wanda II (the plant) always looked like she was on the verge of dehydration...

And the flowers in front of the house had...well, needless to say, most of them had gone to a happy place when the thermometer soared over 90 degrees.

So it was Whitfill's Nursery to the rescue again. I love that place! Armed with a car full of blooms, I spent the afternoon happily covered in dirt. Please share my joy about these new babies in the front yard.

I put the Zinnias in their Italian pots well out of reach of the sprinklers. I learned last year that the tag isn't kidding when it says water will kill the leaves!

I got two of these gorgeous blue flowerpots for a total of $20 at a neighborhood yard sale last they're home to quite an assortment of celocia, vinka and some gorgeous little groundcover whose name escapes me at the moment.

More colorful Vinka sits atop the amazing little bench that was a surprise gift from my aunts.

And voila! The sidewalk is a mess of chipped stain and dirt, but if you ignore that it looks perfect. I love the two pots, and the view will be even better when the flowers get more overgrown in their new homes.

The pots in front of the window got spruced up, as well. (RIP, sad departed winter plants!) The green pot will be home to more celocia, but the soil got too soaked so it's drying out a little before the new residents move in.

Wanda II also got moved to a happy home...she's hanging in the shade on the back porch. Hopefully the reduced sun will get her through the summer.

And just in case you were wondering, the new tree is doing well in the front yard! The leaves are a little brown because this is the dormant time for Hong Kong Orchids, but the trunk keeps getting bigger. The birds love perching in the branches - due to the lack of foliage, I'm sure they have a great view of the 'hood from there.


  1. I LOVE your flowers, the front porch looks like something out of the latest edition of Sunset. And the pots are wonderful because they all have stories, so every year is special with them. Your handy dandy assistant wants to come help you water them soon :)

    1. I can't wait for my assistant and his driver to come visit!

  2. Great blog update! I love all the flowerpots & can't wait to do some here. The lil tree in front looks happy!