Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding the Floor

It all started when I was searching for something. My already less-than-organized closet became the dark cave of doom and everything got thrown into chaos in my quest for the lost cuff links (which were, of course, in the pocket of the jacket the whole time). Long story short, the closet looked like this:

And my room was equally as lovely:

The week has been a hectic, stressful one and the mess didn't help my outlook at all. Organization was a drawn-out project that welcomed me when I got home every night. It started, of course, with an hour on Pinterest just to get ideas and feel inspired. (I have a whole board dedicated to "organization," if you want to waste time trying to become inspired yourself!) I picked this as a starting point, since much of the Closet Chaos is scarves:

It turned out pretty well!

I used more-useful-than-duct-tape jute twine to keep the scarves from doing this:

Then I tackled everything else. It was slow and tiring, but worth every minute to have this space. And just think of the time I'll save when I don't have to look for everything!

It's hard to show progress in such a small space, but here are some before and after shots...

I try to keep the "old home essence" in any project, but this old hook had to go.

This built-in shoe shelf is at the top of the list to be updated, too. These look nice but I have four plastic bins of shoes shoved under the bed that would like a little air, too. (I'm ignoring your reaction to my confession about my love of shoes.)


  1. I wish we wore the same size. Wistful sigh.

  2. Okay, I am impressed and amazed~ and I loved the picture of the "so it didn't do this" scarf hanger~ made me laugh.

  3. It looks great! I need to organize our master bedroom closet. It looks similar to your before picture.