Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earthy Green

Happy Earth Day! My morning included a wonderful Earth Day family bicycle parade down my street (for clarification, I was watching the parade, not participating in it - but I shared their enthusiasm).  Before that watch-others-celebrate moment, however, I'd spent a couple of hours working in the yard.

Remember my joy when my winter grass looked like this?

Well now it's hot and, much to my chagrin, the yard now looks like this:

Last weekend I learned the art of a thatch rake, which the nice guy with the Boston accent on This Old House promised me was necessary to have the best lawn in the neighborhood. It looks like an instrument of torture.

After a full day and about 15 big plastic bags of dead grass, the yard looked awful but better. There were patches of dirt where the winter grass used to be, and roots of old summer grass that looked like hay laying all over the lawn.

I had none of the enthusiasm I had the last time I planted grass, but this morning, in honor of Earth Day (and also because it's the only time I had to work on it), I tackled the challenge of Curb Appeal again. Grass seed went over the blank spots, and fertilizer went over the whole yard. Armed with these snazzy new sprinklers, I have hope that the yard will perk up soon!

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