Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dark Lumination

The previous owners of my home had a thing for shiny gold medal. All the lights were shiny this chandelier (forgive the terrible's cropped out of the one photo I could bear to take when I first walked through the house and learned to hate that chandelier):

Goodwill got the chandelier, but I put up with these hallway lights because I never could find anything within my price range that I liked. They've just been barely screwed into the wall until I could find the perfect lights...I was even so careless that one faced up and one faced down.

When I finally found the lamp I wanted for the hallway, I had a revelation: it looks similar to the light I have.


So I turned to the great home decor tool of the ages: spray paint. I've seen many amazing transformations with the use of Oil Rubbed Bronze paint, so I tried it myself and I am hooked.  And using sandpaper on that ugly brass? It's good therapy.

It took awhile and it didn't turn out perfectly - they're really not kidding when they say use short of mine dripped ever so slightly but I dare you do try to find it. It was worth it...I love these new additions to my hallway!

I get to share this with Thrifty Decor Chick's April Before and After Party. Click here to see other wonderful transformations.


  1. wow this is fabulous post

    do check my last post

  2. This is yet another post emphasizing your brilliance. I would have scrapped those ugly suckers (in fact, I think I actually tried) and spent ridiculous amounts of money on new ones. Can't believe they're the same lights, they're gorgeous!! Now if only we could get better models for those photos....

  3. Yayyy they passed The Anna Test! And whatever, I love the pictures of you. :)

  4. Everybody has been spray painting lately! I'm dying to try it. I want to paint our door hardware. Your hallway lights turned out great!

  5. Oh wow, what a great idea! I might borrow this idea...we have lots of gold fixtures in our house and I desperately want to replace them. This is a much cheaper alternative!