Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pull Up A Chair

Did I mention that I'm hosting a meeting of my book club in June? Now that sounds like the long-distant future, but when you consider the list of things I must do to make at least my front room look presentable, it's looming uncomfortably close. So I've been working on small details and making lists of bigger tasks. I had two major breakthroughs in the last couple of weeks. The first: the PERFECT accent pillows at Ross, for only $7 each. (I still think accent pillows are ridiculously overpriced but at $7 my complaints get less audible.) I bought all four that I could find.

And the second major breakthrough: the perfect chairs. I've been looking for the perfect chairs for about six months. I've almost fallen in love with several but never was ready to commit to them long-term. They were either too expensive:

$699 from {CB2}

Too bright:

Too monotone (though these are gorgeous and I'm madly in love with them):

Too pink:

Or too asymetrical - I love this chair but I'm just too type A for the different front and back feet:

Anyway, you get the point...I'm too picky. I found these Target chairs through Decorating Cents, and though I love them they still were just not quite The Ones.

And then I saw this:

It really was love at first sight. They were on sale for $121.49 - a splurge, definitely, but at least not a bank-breaking one.'s $2.95 shipping offer added to the bargain. It wasn't until after I'd ordered them that I saw the small-print disclosure: These cannot be returned. WHA?!?!

Fortunately for all of you who are not interested in reading a diatribe against Overstock's suspicious return policies, I LOVE THE CHAIRS! They were relatively easy to put together (they came with an IKEA-like allen wrench but the instructions actually had words rather than weird drawings), the colors are perfect and the seat is deep enough to be very comfortable.

So here you go, together at last: the perfect accents for my living room. (Ok the pillow is too large but they're together at last for now...we'll get to smaller pillows sometime before book club in June)!

Still on the list:

- Flip over the TV stand (there's no "right" side up but it got flipped when I moved and nothing's been quite right ever since)

- Side table (an easy task, since I'm stealing one from my sister)

- ART! (I need to hang the art I have and create the art I haven't)

- Baseboards and trim (I never added the electric plates back on after painting, as those with a critical eye could see in the photo above)

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