Friday, March 2, 2012

Pop Goes the Keychain

I actually created something I said I would! A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about this clever use of an old cork:

And yesterday I actually had a few minutes to make one of my own. I picked this cork out of my bucket of Leftover Things Stolen from Friends and Restaurants - I don't think it actually says "SPARE" but it was close enough that I thought it made for an ironic keychain.

I screwed in a metal eyelet that was leftover from my hanging calendar project...

As an extra precaution against having my keys fall off the keychain, I then removed the eyelet, covered the tip with Gorilla Glue, and screwed it back in.

And now I have this lovely keychain! The whole thing took about a minute (ok, searching for the package of leftover metal eyelet took a little longer than that). Hopefully the addition of the cork will make it easier to search for keys that inevitably sink to the bottom of my purse.


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