Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Thoughts for A Sick Day

'Tis time for another blog post, but a bad cold keeps me from conquering any yard labor or brilliant creations - sad, since I'd wanted to tackle something brilliant to share on the Winter Edition of the Pinterest Challenge. On the bright side, however, having my own home makes being sick much more pleasant than it was when I lived in an apartment. I'm not forced to listen to neighbors' arguments or celebrations through thin walls, and through the window I have much better entertainment than my second-floor apartment afforded.  Though I loved the tree outside the apartment window, from the couch in my home I can watch people walking their dogs, riding bikes with friends and otherwise enjoying life as those who are not burdened by the constant companionship of Kleenex are permitted to do. With the extra time that has been forced upon me, I tackled a lovely moodboard to share with you a list of things that make me happy to be alive.

1. Sleepytime Tea.  For as long as I can remember, this has been a source of comfort whenever I was tired or sick.  The fact that it's made by a company with the ultra-magical name "Celestial Seasonings" makes it even better.

2. Tarzan. I've never seen any of the cartoon or movie versions of the Tarzan stories, but am recently addicted to the books. Finished the first two and downloaded the next six...I don't think I'm dedicated enough to read all 24, but I'll enjoy my ridiculous obsession with this crazy strongman as long as it lasts.

3. Daffodils. I love these flowers...and since they're available for $2 a bunch right now, I don't have any guilt about buying them for myself. (That gorgeous photograph is from

4. Corey Stoll as Hemingway. I'm sure I'm not the only person who had never heard of this guy before Midnight in Paris, but he so perfectly impersonated the little I know about the writer that I was totally hooked. I bought several books about Hemingway - including a great one about his boat...I'll get to them as soon as I end my love affair with Tarzan.

5. Le Grande Orange. I'm using my mug from LGO as a reminder that great food awaits me as soon as I improve. Those chicken wings...yum, I could eat them every day.

6. Breyer's fruit popsicles. They assure me I get vitamins and antioxidants and I want to believe them so I don't research their claims. These things are GOOD.

7. Months ago, I found a gorgeous picture of an old-barn style door I wanted to recreate for my bedroom...and then today I discovered this magical website. Just THINK of the possibilities! I love the way they go with just about any decorating style.

8. HGTV. I probably don't have to explain this one. I never realized how many of their shows are online - it's enough to make sick days not so bad.

Happy Sunday!

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