Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picture This

I've been focused on the pursuit of rugs and accent chairs, but realized I was missing the one key ingredient that seems to make a house feel like home: pictures on the wall. I'd managed to hang picture frames a few months ago but most of them didn't even have new pictures in them, and the rest of the walls around the house are bare, bare, bare.

So that has been my drawn-out project as I get a few moments here and there to tackle a project, and what a difference it makes! This is an ongoing project and most of the rooms still have undecorated walls, but here's what I have so far...

The dining room was the first to be painted but now seems to serve as the first place for All Things Homeless and Unnecessary to land. Seriously, that room never stays organized. The bookshelf has had a collection of picture frames, bills, and books on top of it for months. I'd snapped a picture at a long-ago trip to IKEA to inspire me - I don't think I would have considered a photo collage style display in the dining room, but I loved the way it looked in IKEA. (Let's face it, that's my problem: I love the way everything looks at IKEA!) I love the way it brings fun moments and memories into a very functional room:

Now I just have to tackle the mess of a bookshelf below it!

I went rather "art-gallery" on the other dining room wall...when I went to Paris in 2003, I fell madly in love with Auguste Rodin's sculptures. Of course everyone knows this one:

But I loved some of the other large sculptures that made me pause. Ok, Le Penseur makes me think but mostly it just makes me think about what HE could be thinking about. Since I'm not in the high-stakes art collecting world, I did what normal people do: I bought postcards. I'd had them in cheap frames in old apartments, but for awhile they were hidden away with other old picture frames. I splurged on my version of expensive picture frames at Target ($13 each), angled a couple of the spotlights on my dining room lamp differently and voila! I have my favorite art featured in a rather grown-up display.

And last but not least, I updated the photos in the hallway frames. It's a little nephew-centric...I love it!

Still more to come...including this sneak peak of art in the office/guest room (it was accidental but appropriate that this fits the theme of this post)!

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  1. My favorite part of your home is how personalized and warm it feels. There's no doubt walking through your home where your priorities are and where your happiness comes from. Glad we can be a part of it :)