Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

Weekends are full of work and catch-up right now, so home improvements are comprised mostly of improving what I have rather than celebrating over anything new or truly inspired. Improvements can be inspiring too, however...the front porch got a mini makeover Saturday when I tried to make more room for the gorgeous flowers that are still alive in spite of me. They used to be clumped together like this...

But since that didn't hide the boring, semi-weedfilled spot in front of the porch I decided this looks much more welcoming:

(Note: I don't really live in a world this RED - my camera does odd things in sunlight. And without sunlight. It's payback for being dropped so many times while I work on DIY projects.)

The back porch got some love, too, thanks to a gorgeous green flower pot from Ross (and to Suzanne, who willingly carried it to my car when my own hands were full with my bags of clothes!) Remember the wonderful rosemary living Christmas tree I loved?

Great news: it's still alive! It's a little tired of being cooped up in its small pot, but I'm hoping it will bounce back while resting happily in the green pot where it has joined the other plants and flowers...since those raised cedar garden beds are still a far-distant dream, this is now what I lovingly refer to as "my garden."

Another new addition to my house, thanks to the generosity of my friend Yvonne: a fireplace! It's the one thing missing from my beloved house, and this version doesn't need wood or cleaning. I just plug it in and the flames kick in - I'm in love with it. For now, it's resting in the messy but full-of-potential nook in my dining room.

And though this inspiration is as random as you can get, I'll share it with you. Have you ordered any clothes from recently? I did, and this was in the box when it arrived:

I was totally confused until I turned the box over and saw this:

AWESOME. The marketer who came up with that deserves an award - it made me smile and I just might buy a box of that cereal the next time I'm at the grocery store.

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