Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clever Cork Creations

Along with mason jars, I have been collecting corks wherever I can find them - yes, I've even been known to sneak one off an abandoned restaurant table when no one was looking. I'd seen several very clever ideas but hadn't settled on the one project I wanted to tackle. I've seen cork boards while shamelessly ogling others' houses on historic home tours...

And I love the glow this cork candleholder casts:

Two Twenty One
Someday I want to copy my beloved Tonya and do one of these cork wreaths!

My inability to pick one cork project just got more complicated, because Kelli at Addicted 2 Decorating just pulled together even more amazing ideas.

I can't even look at this wonderful giraffe without wanting to hug it just a little bit.

Drawer handles: so cool!

The only problem with these adorable garden markers: they're not big enough to hide the fact that my poor basil plant is just about dead.

Why didn't I think of this?! The keychain I've used for the last eight years (that's an actual calculation, not - for once - an exaggeration) broke last week, so this project is a must-do in the near future.

I still think I prefer my Scrabble thumb tacks, but this is very clever.

I saved the most dramatic for last: WOW! I wish it were from a DIY site rather than a professional one because I want to know how to seal these enough that oil/dirt/etc wouldn't just soak into the backsplash...and I bet a DIYer wouldn't have used fake fruit in the photo. But still, very stunning.

And just because I couldn't resist, here's my favorite cork-inspired accessory of all time.


  1. I am honored my egg shaped wreath made your blog, but that giraffe is by far the coolest!

  2. I agree with Tonya~ giraffe is my fave too...and for those klutzy weeks, how about a coat of armor made of corks? You would just bounce off those obstacles and not be bruised!