Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matching Paint Title with A Room

Fact: it's even easier to be motivated about house projects when you're avoiding other work you should be doing.

Take this weekend, for example. I had hours of work to do on the MLK holiday, but suddenly decided the most important thing in the world was painting my kitchen. This is the kitchen that has been prepped for painting for months now - I've become somewhat attached to the paint tape that's been present ever since I created that blue accent wall.

I wasn't even sure what color I wanted to paint it...I'd alternated between a crisp white, icy blue or light grey, and I had the paint swatches on the wall to prove it.

I accidentally deleted the first kitchen photograph that inspired me even before I moved into the house (THIS is the kind of disaster that occurs pre-Pinterest!) but I collected countless paint samples to try to match it. It was a barely-blue wall that looked more blue against gorgeous white cabinets. I had numerous failures as I tried out samples of different blues (you can share some of my sorrows here), so I gave up and just tried the same simple grey I used in my guest bathroom. This is the perfect grey because it's entirely black and white - no other tones thrown in. And the title is destined for the perfect kitchen: it's actually called "silverware."

It was a little hard to paint because when the paint is wet it doesn't stand out from the white paint already on the wall...I took this picture to prove to myself that I really was making a difference.

When everything was dry it was obvious I'll eventually need another coat of paint, but it was also obvious the paint had provided a lovely update to the room where I spend a lot of time even though I never cook. I love it! It looks blue most of the time but doesn't compete with the oh-so-blue accent wall, and it looks slightly grey in contrast to the white ceiling and shutters. (Can't wait until I have time to paint the cabinets white!)

(Yeah, those are dishes in the became another thing I avoided when the painting inspiration struck!)

I achieved my goal of tying the kitchen into the overall updated look so now when I sit on the couch, all the newly-painted rooms blend together well.

Next project: hanging the IKEA knife rack I've hoarded for months while waiting for the kitchen to be painted!

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