Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm A Pushover for Green

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know about my excitement over having grass in the front yard. It really does change the whole look on the house, and my neighbors are definitely more friendly now that it's not just a dirt yard anymore. At the risk of making you roll your eyes at yet another post about grass, here's a quick update.

I love my lawn. It's a ridiculous amount of work and it's more finicky than a movie star, but I love it anyway.

My lawn treatment has evolved through several major steps. Step one was, as you already know, coming to terms with the need to mow it since apparently I'm the only one who appreciates the pasture-like look.

Step two was ruining large chunks of the lawn before I realized that the electric lawnower I'd been given was even more ineffective than cutting the lawn with scissors.

Step three was relying on kind neighbors to offer the use of their own nice lawnmowers - and even accepting the overwhelming kindness of one neighbor who mowed the lawn FOR ME before I came home from work. Now that's true generosity.

Step four was ignoring what everyone told me I should do and doing what I wanted to do: I bought a push mower. No engine, no bag to catch the grass, no fancy extras or recharging batteries. Just a push mower that brings to mind old movies. And here's the thing...I LOVE IT!

I'll spare you the details and will just state that I am now a well-researched expert on the many sizes, brands and types of push mowers available...still more useless knowledge that makes me a boring conversationalist at parties. Here's the beauty I brought home:

I have to mow twice a week but I actually look forward to the days that I get to mow. It's the best stress relief around, and it's a quick, quiet process that is interrupted only by curious neighbors who want to see if they should be using one as well. (Answer: YES.) And then there's the horrible neighbor who repeatedly shakes his finger at me for working in my yard - according to his open-minded view of the world, apparently being outside is "a husband's job." But aside from those interruptions, the push mower process if rewarding and wonderful.

So there you have it - now you don't have to wonder if my obsession with grass had faded because I'd failed miserably and the lawn had reverted to desert dust and tumbleweeds.

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  1. Beth! Your yard looks fab-u-lous! I am sure your neighbors are delighted you have moved in :)