Monday, January 30, 2012

February's Favorite Things

When life gets overwhelmingly busy and I don't have time actually do anything I intend to do, I tend to curl up on the couch with a magazine full of inspiration and great ideas. Since this is definitely one of those weeks, I'm inviting you to virtually share the fun of my favorite February magazines...

It was the first edition of a super cool Christmas gift from my sister - I had no idea how great this magazine is! To start with, there's this contest to win a $25,000 makeover sweepstakes. How would I spend this? Let me count the can enter daily, if you have time to be that obsessive. Visit for more information.

If you know me at all, you already know my strong anti-Valentine's Day sentiment. But this is awesome and can be used for all different things: DIY scratch-off cards! (There are lots of other great craft ideas, for those less inclined to ignore the pink-and-red-ridden meaning of February 14.)

Margherita pizza at home AND I get to use the basil I actually can grow in my not-yet-in-existence garden?! Yes please. The pictures don't do it justice...find more mouth-watering details for yourself here.

Now that you're starving and ready to call the nearest pizza place, let's move onto my next favorite magazine...Sunset!

I'm completely crazy about this faux Murphy bed/headboard idea - the architectural style and extra storage even makes up for the need to dust more often!

Real Simple adds more great ideas to my list of good intentions. The article about the upholsterer caused quite a stir in my family - even my dad, the world's best upholsterer, approved of this article!

They provide lovely advice about providing the correct amount of water and sunlight for houseplants, but I didn't even read the never works in Arizona. This, however, I could do: multiple plants in one container to make it look more full and alive than it may actually be.

And though I rarely like the recipes in Real Simple (too few include french fries), this chicken and mushroom pot pie actually made me stop thinking about that pizza I mentioned earlier. For just a minute.

And last but definitely not least, I am a little mushy over AZ Magazine's list of "100 Reasons We Heart Arizona." Though I hate the long, hot summers that kill everything, this is home...and I love the list of great reasons it's a good one. The article isn't online yet, but here are some of my favorites:

#1: When all the orange trees blossom at once and driving up Central Avenue with the windows rolled down

#4: Irrigation canals (here they are, as seen from the air in my plane ride two weeks ago)

#12: Knowing where you are by the mountains (now if only I could remember which was which!)

#32: Citrus trees with white trunks

#43: Gabrielle Giffords (now I know these aren't in order - she's higher than that!)

#53: The patient, surefooted mules at the Grand Canyon

#68: Prescott's Courthouse Square (more proof that these are not ranked - that's on my top five list!)

#86: From desert to snow in two hours

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  1. Like you, I dove into a magazine this evening to get away from the stress of a Monday.

    Not too sure about the sure footed mules at the Grand Canyon. No matter if they had super glue on their hooves, I can't say I'm down for that trail.

    The ONLY problem with desert to snow in 2 hours is that it means I stare at a wall during a long, boring meeting, thinking "hmm...I bet I could see the sunset in Sedona today!!"

    Orange blossoms....goes without saying, the best smell that will NEVER EVER be captured in a candle or perfume!

    Valentine's Day. Eww. Yuck. Bring on Natl Ferris Wheel Day.