Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clutter Calendar, Weeks One and Two

Most blogs I follow because I like the people or the ideas that are shared on the website. Others I follow just to torture myself because I'll never, ever be one of Those People who are constantly organized, happy and encouraging all at the same time. But since it's January and reality hasn't caused me to give up yet, I have great intentions of using this Declutter and Organize Calendar. It seems like boot camp for the disorganized.

So far, I'm already behind schedule.

I did semi-accomplish some of the daily tasks, though. January 2 I was commanded to create a "donation station," an organized spot to sort the items that have some other place to be someday - library books, Goodwill donations, etc. After tripping over a bag of Goodwill donations I left in my hallway for a week, I designated the storage area inside my entry bench as my almost-organized donation station.

January 3 and 4 I was supposed to declutter the top of cabinets and dust. I didn't do it because 1)I didn't want to and 2)I'm getting over a cold and I know the allergic reactions I always get when I dust would only complicate my recovery.

January 5, however, I was back on track. The instruction was to discard old, expired spices - easy, because I just started collecting spices and they're all fresh. Many are unused but since The Calendar didn't say to actually OPEN them I can still consider that day an organizational accomplishment. (Don't judge the clutter - The Calendar didn't say I'm supposed to make them organized yet!)

January 6 was designated as Can Day. I didn't put all the cans together on a shelf but I did open the pantry to verify that they're all on two very disorganized shelves. I ate a ridiculously large amount of goldfish crackers to celebrate.

January 7 was Freezer Day, so I followed the instructions and threw out all of the freezer burned food. (There go last January's good intentions of learning to use telapia every day.)

January 9 I was supposed to declutter a nightstand drawer. I could have ignored this since I don't have nightstand drawers, but instead I sorted through all the books piled on my nightstand/bookshelf and put the ones that needed to be there in these pretty magazine holders that will match the stencil I'll do someday. (The magazine holders were only $1 at Target!) Plus, January 10 was designated as the day to clear off the top of a nightstand, so I got two days with one task. Cheers!

Today's task is to clean out under the bed...I'll have to get back to you on how that one goes.


  1. I helped with the spice task by "borrowing" your mulling spices~

    You are obviously in a different climate zone with that open front door! (And in a different energy zone with your daily organizing tasks.)

    And... isn't that bedside lamp the one that pencils jump out of? :-)

  2. I took the open-door picture this summer...see the yellow walls? :) That lamp is the best pencil home ever.

  3. I'm a fan of the upside down honey bear...he looks content in his state.