Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Old House Inspiration: January Edition

I have disappeared from the world of online communication but it's not because I don't have projects to share - it's because I can't share them until after Christmas! So far, my resolution to handmake all my Christmas gifts is on track...but the hard part is still to come, so Target may take more of my money on Christmas Eve if I have to do a mad rush for gifts that don't look like they were made by angry elves.

I did take time from my Christmas Crafts to read This Old House, though (of course!). So to continue my tradition of sharing TOH things that inspire's the January edition. (Though technically it's the January/February version. I have to wait until March for a new one. Insert sad face.)

Idea 1: I want roses. They are the most amazing flower and they smell like heaven and they fit my category of "good plant" because they have thorns. (I didn't seek this preference...I just discovered it when I noticed that bougainvillea makes my heart skip a beat.) I've always been scared of them but if my friend David can grow a rose garden I think I should be able to. I'm not naive enough to think that I can actually grow this new kind in Phoenix, but anyone who has ever read or watched Anne of Green Gables will understand why the name made me fall in love with them. I'd appreciate tips from anyone who has successfully grown roses in Phoenix!

Idea 2: Brag. This isn't an idea at all - I just wanted to point out that this ottoman is $159 for one square...thanks to Ross, I got the one with four squares for $120.

Three cheers for discount shopping (and for creating the best hiding spot for my nephew)!

Idea 3: An idea for my dining room nook? I keep looking for the best way to feature the interesting nook in my dining room...this is definitely on the options list.

Idea 4: Refinish old metal. I am SO excited about this little paragraph of greatness!

There are countless really special features in my house that have been cursed by decades of paint layers, and I wasn't sure how to restore them. (This, by the way, is the final piece to my mystery photo of what I bought at Home Depot several months ago..."Stripper" is going to someday help me return my old-fashioned mail flap, milk door and hallway vent to their former glory!)

And last but definitely not least, Idea 5: this kitchen. Their remade kitchen is eerily similar to mine, and I love love love many things about it.

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