Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Bliss: $3.332 A Foot

I had my own little Christmas miracle last weekend. It was Goodwill's 50% off day (a bi-weekly holiday in my world) and I had high hopes of finding nice Christmas decorations or designer clothing...and not necessarily in that order. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw two whole shelves full of fake Christmas trees.

When I was younger, I would have scoffed at Future Beth for being interested in fake trees at all. In my old age and wisdom, however, I came to recognize several major benefits of a fake tree:

- They come in a box. This eliminates the need to load a real tree onto the top of my not-so-large Saturn, which I hadn't quite figured out how to do yet.

- They don't die. Seriously, I hate watching trees die, no matter how much people tell me they're grown specifically for that reason.

- You can put them up whenever you want. December 4 until after Christmas? Not a lifespan problem for a fake tree...and I really wanted to put up my tree last weekend.

- You only have to buy them once.

Despite the economic argument about buying the fake tree once, however, I was daunted by the price tags attached to them. I've been researching them on my every-other-day trip to Home Depot, and was stunned by how much they cost.

Not at Goodwill! At Goodwill, my beautiful tree was only $24.99. (For those of you who pay attention to the titles of blog posts, this is my attempt to prove that I can do some math: $24.99 divided by the height of the tree = $3.332 per foot!) Thanks to a devoted and muscular fellow-Goodwiller friend who was willing to carry the heavy box to my car, I got my tree home and used the backyard as a staging ground to clean everything.

And after lots of patience, here was my tree!

I did have an ethical dilemma I'll confess to you...I discovered when I got it home that the tree came from Wal-Mart. My friends know of my moral convictions about Wal-Mart and given my anti-Wal-Mart sentiments it was rough to see their logo inside my home. But then I realized this is the ultimate anti-Wal-Mart statement - I have their product without paying them for it! Turns out, they sell the tree for only $ unbelievably good price for a gorgeous tree which is, I believe, further evidence of how evil they are.

Anyway, after having my ethical retailing mind battle, I started the ever-so-fun process of putting lights on the tree. And then the best part: my ornaments!

Because of my attraction to plastic ornaments from the dollar store and my partial success at making ornaments, I'm happy to report that my lovely Christmas tree cost less than $50 - including the tree!

I loved these paper ornaments as soon as I made them, but with the white lights surrounding them they're even better. I'm glad I took time to crimp the cardstock - it reflects the light in very cool ways.

My accidental sheep ornament is a happy addition...and a daily reminder that I can't be perfect at everything so I may as well keep a sense of humor!

This is my favorite example of dollar store greatness - I got three of these sequined ornaments for $1, and I love them!

I'm also very happy that all the ornaments are kid-friendly, because I have a Christmas elf who, as you can see, loves playing with the ornaments!

Update: my tree has joined a Christmas Tree Party over at! There are countless great ideas for you to see from other bloggers.


  1. That's a pretty nice looking tree! I'm also very surprised that it had all of the pieces. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for being a thoughtful Auntie and getting kid safe ornaments :)

  3. I was going to follow your blog until your mini rant concerning Wal-Mart. Now I am not a huge fan of wal-Mart but I am a fan of capitalism, and that is what Wal-Mart represents. Pure,non-union capitalism is what built our country,not envy and jealousy of those who are successful.