Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Time for Thanks

I have big plans for Christmas crafts and decorations next week, so I will take this opportunity to focus on the wonderful fall festiveness I've enjoyed the last few months. I think my non-Halloween policy is great because it makes the simple fall season seem longer - I didn't dedicate any time to scary ghosts or goblins (except for my fun Halloween night!), so there was lots of time to think about pumpkins. I got a little carried away and even bought three of these straw "people" before I realized I am not in any way a straw people kind of person.

I returned them so they could go home with someone who would truly appreciate them, and instead turned my attention toward more subtle decorations like these...

These placemats were a simple find at Bed Bath and Beyond, made very special by the fact that I was with close friends during a snowstorm in DC when I bought them. I will treasure them always!

This small dish was a reward for braving a very overcrowded Ross with my sister...she has a matching one, that continues to fascinate my nephew. He likes to gently carry it to make sure everyone in the house knows it's a red leaf.

I think my pumpkins and fall-colored basket are even nicer to look at than anything on the TV screen...

And of course, I'm quite proud of my wreath that I made. I even bought the right size glue sticks so I can make sure it holds together in storage. That trooper made it through numerous dust/wind storms and a lot of rain - I'm impressed it held together at all!

I'm excited to see what treasures I can find and create for my first Christmas in my home, but I think these autumn details will always be my favorite. They remind me of my first house party, my first Halloween with kids at the door, and a birthday to transition into a new year filled with new adventures.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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