Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Picture, Picture on the Wall

While searching for projects to complete for the Pinterest Challenge, I was reminded of the numerous photo gallery instructionals that I've found through Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of this one:

It's way too "busy" for the narrow hallway in my house, however. This one has lots of options:

So I decided to get creative, and used paper to create frame-shaped models I could use to try my arrangements on the wall.

The best thing about my hallway is also the most problematic thing: the stripes. The frames seemed to overshadow the stripes no matter how I arranged the papers.

If I could redo it I would add more stripes, so they don't get lost behind a photo arrangement. I love this one (also someone else's success shared through Pinterest):

The stripes are absolutely not getting redone in this decade, however - it was way too much work and I like them the way they are! So I went with a very type-A, symmetrical approach to my photo display: a line.

I was on a roll with the type-A thing, so I continued the line with photos on the other corner of the hallway too.

While I will forever admire more eclectic photo gallery walls, and may even try again to create one in the guest room, I'm crazy about this more systematic approach. And thanks to a LOT of help from the cool yardstick/level that I have, they're actually even and straight. Good thing, since drilling screws into my plaster walls was a little traumatic for me.

Now comes the fun part - deciding what pictures to put in the frames! I'd previously filled them with photos of beautiful places I've been, but now I want to switch to people pictures. I already have the first one up - this is one of my favorite pictures of all time:

P.S. Kudos to you if you managed to read this post without obsessing about the horrible lights in my hallway, and the fact that I somehow put one up and one down. New lights are at the top of my projects list!


  1. Great job! You and I seem to be in the same 'frame of mind'. I just finished my wall collage too, just haven't posted it yet. :) I love yours though, I think it suits that hallway perfectly. Sleek and the stripes are great! Now I want stripes!


  2. I can't wait to read about your photo wall, Kristin!

  3. I like the simplicity of "stripes" on stripes. AND it leads people down the hallway. :) Good job.